Optimize To Thrive is a Holistic Health and Coaching company that focuses on improving your Digestive Wellness so you can feel Optimal again!

My goal is to help you overcome your digestive complaints while showing you how your digestive health is directly related to fatigue, struggles in losing unwanted weight, and your overall ability to feel Optimal!

Getting down to the root cause of your symptoms.

Are your “symptoms” causing you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated? Still struggling to find answers to why you don’t feel well?

It’s time to get answers and stop the suffering. Wouldn’t you give anything to feel well again?

My program is where frustration stops and wellness begins!

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All too often the symptoms of poor digestion like gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea get ignored and swept under the rug. Honestly, who wants to have this conversation with their Dr.? Better yet, when was the last time your Dr. asked you about your bowel habits?

Embarrassing and annoying bowel habits are often self-managed with over the counter remedies (antacids, fiber, probiotics, gas-x, etc.), but this Band-Aid approach never addresses the root cause and just allows the condition to fester and worsen.

How many times have you canceled your plans, called in sick to work or school because of embarrassing digestive issues? Now is the time to take back the control and get rid of these issues once and for all.

My training allows me to order specialized testing that will help determine the right approach for you. Without proper testing you are only guessing at what your underlying root cause may be. Your health and wellbeing are just too important to rely on guessing.

A few excerpts from my client's messages:

I feel like I have come out of a 40 year fog mentally and physically.
You are the health whisperer.
I have never slept so good!
I can’t believe how easy this journey to health has been.

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Now is the time to conquer your Digestive Wellbeing. Proper testing combined with a customized health building plan will allow us to get the answers we need and make the changes necessary to take your health back!


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