Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Practitioner.

Phew, that was a mouthful.

So, what does that all mean? In a nutshell, I use functional lab testing combined with a completely personalized health plan to uncover root causes of your symptoms and get you on the road to recovery. Is conventional medicine just not working for you? Functional medicine uses holistic and natural methods to get you feeling better. Interested in learning more about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition? Schedule your free 20-minute consultation with me and we can talk about getting you feeling better.

When Is The Last Time You Felt Great?

This is a very simple question that may have you searching way back in your history to answer. If you answered "I feel great right now," then I applaud you. If, however, you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to answer, then continue reading, and as you do, some answers may just begin to fall in place for you.

Maybe  you can't remember the last time you felt really healthy, or  it just seems like a state that you once experienced, but have given up on ever feeling again. 

Maybe the digestive issues, increasing fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia & inability to lose weight are all things that you are just chocking up to "getting old" or "stress" or....you name it.

If you can empathize with any of these "issues," then you should recognize this one thing...

These Issues Are NOT Normal.

Perhaps you went to your Medical Practitioner and they gave you the same old speech. They told you...

  • Reduce stress
  • Start exercising
  • Eat better/healthier (whatever that means)
  • Take the latest and greatest prescription drug

Let me ask you, were these recommendations helpful or easy to implement? If you did implement them did it improve how you feel? I'm guessing not because you really can't go after symptoms without addressing the root causes and hope to effect a change. If these causes are ignored you will simply be on a treadmill that leads you round and round, yet the destination is frustration.

Let Functional Diagnostic Nutrition step in and help.

Now would be the best time for you to step off of this treadmill. As you project out into the future wouldn't it be nice to put all of your symptoms behind you? Wouldn't it be nice to have the energy to enjoy the things you used to enjoy? "How?" you ask. It's really simple...

STOP GUESSING! Listen to your bodily symptoms and investigate where your issues are coming from. As an FDN practitioner, I can get you started with the right testing options to figure out what's going on.

What Are Your Dis-ease Symptoms Trying To Communicate To You?

Symptoms are your body's way of saying "Hey, you better get a handle on this." 

The majority of common symptoms people experience are stemming from the following causes:

  • Poor Immune Function
  • Hormone Dysregulation
  • Compromised Digestion
  • Compromised Detoxification
  • Compromised Sleep
  • Stress
  • Lack of Movement

What's interesting is that despite the fact that these areas are responsible for much of a patient's symptoms, complaints and frustrations, they are hardly ever assessed. With my functional testing and assessment approach we can properly evaluate these important areas, which will lead to uncovering the root causes.

ignoring the root causes Just Isn't Working.

Suppose you had a leak in your plumbing that ended up seeping through your drywall ceiling. What's the best thing to do? Replacing the drywall every couple of months without addressing the leaking pipe OR fixing the leak then replacing the drywall once?

By looking at your diagnostic test results and reviewing your symptoms, it allows us to work together to get you back to a state of health that you may not have thought was possible before starting a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program.

This is all accomplished via questionnaires, specific lab testing and comprehensive intake forms that are tailored to you and your specific issues. By using this individualized approach it lets me, the FDN practitioner, see your health through your eyes which then lets me design an approach that is right for you.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach nor is it guesswork. If you guess, you will most certainly have a mess.

With the functional testing I use  we can assess your 4 health pillars:

  1. Immune System
  2. Hormone profiles (Endocrine System)
  3. Digestion
  4. Detoxification

Once we have analyzed these areas we will then work together to make a customized Lifestyle Approach incorporating Sleep, Movement, Stress Reduction, Eating Behaviors and Supplementation that work for youallowing you to Optimize and Thrive!  This advanced method uncovers issues and allows me, as an FDN practitioner, to work with you to specifically mold a protocol that's customized for you. 

If you have read this far, then you may be having a realization...That realization is this:

If You Continue To Address Your Symptoms The Way You Have Always Been, Then You Will Continue To Have These Symptoms UNTIL You Address The Underlying Causes.

If you have been feeling "not so great" and continue to address things from the "symptom" level, you will not get better. In order for things to change, you have to change. You have to change the assessment of your situation. You have to change your mindset. You have to challenge and change your assumptions about your condition(s)/symptoms. 

If getting to the root cause of your digestive, fatigue, sleep and weight loss issues sounds appealing, then consider becoming a client or, at the very least, schedule a free consultation to learn more about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Let's spend a little time together on video chat so that I can outline for you how I may be able to help if we were to work together. Isn't it time that you addressed these issues head-on so you can finally get the results and relief that you deserve?

As an FDN practitioner, once I understand where you currently are as it relates to your health issues, then you and I can really begin to zero in on what's important to you.  We can look at the pitfalls and problems that may have happened to you in the past which will allow us to skip over all those things as we form a strong relationship now and in the future. We can discuss the right package for you and get you moving forward.

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