Fertility Tips

5 Simple Steps To Improve Fertility


Fertility can be a challenging path for many, there are so many unknowns and questions that have no real answers. In conventional medicine there are options for fertility treatments that offer hope for many who struggle with fertility. In the alternative field the focus is more on optimizing nutrition, stress reduction, supplementation and uncovering blocking factors that are not allowing pregnancy. I’d like to take this opportunity to provide some simple recommendations for those that are interested in taking an alternative route to improving fertility now or in the future.


  1. Stop the pill sooner than later - The most popular method of birth control today is the pill. Often times women don’t discontinue using the pill until they’re ready to start a family. This works for some, but many others experience issues with irregular cycling once they discontinue the pill. This sets back their plans to start a family or it leaves them rushing to the fertility specialist. It’s also well documented that the pill depletes the body of B vitamins as well as zinc, magnesium and vitamin C. These vitamins/minerals are an important requirement for health and wellness and even more so when one is trying to conceive as they play a crucial role during development of the fetus. The pill has also been shown to disrupt the delicate balance of the gut flora. If you’ve been following any recent research on the gut microbiome scientists have been identifying many crucial health issues with a dysbiotic or imbalanced microbiome. Keeping the microbiome balanced and B vitamins at adequate levels several months to a few years before conception would be ideal. 
  2. Get your nutrition on point - Good nutrition can be a key component to fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Eating a balanced diet rich with whole food vegetables, nuts, seeds, animal protein, legumes and fruit is a great place to start. Avoiding food sensitivities or intolerances is also an important consideration because consumption of these foods can cause inflammation or poor digestion not allowing the body to absorb all the nutrients you consume. In the end this could impact fertility.
  3. Cut the stress out - Stress is often a contender in most if not all health issues. We often think about stress as how “stressed” we feel. Stress can be mental, physical and biochemical which makes it even harder to realize how stressed we all are. Start by developing a meditation routine. This can be as simple as taking 2 minutes a day to connect with your breath in a relaxing environment. It allows for and encourages the parasympathetic nervous system to take over and slow things down. We all tend to live day to day in more of a sympathetic “fight or flight” mode, not slowing down to unwind and destress. This stress can add up and have lasting health implications. 
  4. Fertility supplements - The correct supplements can often lead to success when it comes to fertility issues. If you suffer from PCOS, irregular cycles, or nutrient deficiencies due to a poor diet or digestive issues, finding out which supplements will support you is a must. This requires more than just a pre-natal supplement.
  5. Uncovering blocking factors - When I work with a client who suffers with fertility challenges, digestive and energy issues or the inability to lose weight I always recommend lab testing. The testing allows us to see what’s going on at the individual biochemical level. Health is not a one-size-fits all approach. Giving everyone the same diet, same supplements and same lifestyle recommendations doesn’t work. An individual approach allows us to get the answers we need to address the root causes or blocking factors that are standing in the way to optimal health - conception, great digestion, endless energy and effortless weight loss.

Infertility can have multiple causes, but these simple steps can help point you in the right direction to preserving or establishing fertility now!