Hot Sauce Crackers Recipe


I'll be posting healthy recipes from time to time, check back soon for more delicious healthy eats!

2 cups of the following mixed completely:
-chia seed, flax seed, nutritional yeast, pumpkin seed**, sunflower seed**

Once the above is well incorporated in a large mixing bowl add the following:
-16-18oz Franks Hot Sauce and 12-16oz water

Mix very well. After 5-10 minutes this will begin to gel but be sure to keep an eye on it as you don’t want it to gel too much that you can’t spread it (it should gel for 10-20 minutes max)

Spread evenly onto Teflon or silicon dehydrator sheets (these are the removable ones that cover the mesh sheet on the tray). This recipe fills all 6 square trays of my dehydrator. Start by scooping a few spoonfuls onto the center of the sheet, cover with plastic wrap and roll out with a rolling pin. You want these to be as this as possible, use the side of the dehydrator tray as a guide for their thickness. Dehydrate on low temp 18-36 hours depending on thickness. At halfway point take trays out and flip the sheets to remove them and lay the solid cracker on the mesh only sheet. Now you will also break up the crackers by hand to help facilitate the drying time.

In place of dehydrator you can use an oven but be warned you will need to line cookie sheets with parchment paper and keep a very close eye on them because lowest oven temps (175 or a little higher depending on oven) will quickly dry the cracker out and potentially burn it if left unchecked.

**I soak and sprout the seeds to help make them more nutritionally