Why are you starting a new diet on January 1st?

Every year January 1st often marks the jumping off point for so many people starting a new diet. The funny thing is, most of these so-called “Diets” don’t appear to be working, in fact, Yo-Yo dieting can cause weight gain (often substantial along with other negative health consequences) over time. If diets were working so many people wouldn’t need to be starting new ones and perpetuating the Yo-Yo diet trend.  So lets dig in, no pun intended, to a few of the top reasons why diets just don’t work.

1. Faulty premise – Deprivation is code for FAILURE.

2. Laser focused on one aspect (reduce food intake aka calorie reduction) without also addressing the behavior (why are we reaching for the sugar and fat laden choices?).

3. Too many choices: Ketogenic, Weight Watchers, Fasting Diet, Jenny Craig, on and on – People don’t know where to start and they often jump back and forth between multiple plans wasting time, money and patience.

4. Plans aren’t tailored or customized to a client’s needs, or biochemical differences. They are one-size fits all approaches, therefore truly not fitting anyone.

5. Lack of support and accountability, this can be one of the biggest issues.  Without a coach or a guide, it’s easy for the defeatist mentality to take over ending in yet another failed diet attempt.

Enough about the negative aspects of why diets fail to work, let’s take a look at how we can change this trend and finally win at this game! I’m a huge fan of eating whole, real food, so naturally my approach to weight loss is going to encompass this simple idea. First I like to start off by meeting a client where they are. I don’t want to ask for a huge overhaul and expect you to go from eating fast food 3 times a day (an exaggeration for sure, I hope J) for the last 10 years to suddenly needing to become an amateur chef and whipping up home cooked meals every night of the week. I accomplish this by having a client journal for me when and what they eat. I want to have an idea of meal timing and frequency so that I can build my recommendations off of this. Believe it or not most people already have some good habits and the journaling lets me see this (it also shows me some of their bad habits too, but this is a judgment free zone and nobody is getting in trouble for their choices). We dig a little deeper with a questionnaire to uncover food cravings and potential food sensitivities and then we jump into education. I spent the last 15 years educating Doctors and office staff on how to use pharmaceutical products and laboratory test interpretation so it’s just natural that I need to educate my clients on their food choices and why I make the recommendations that I do. It’s been proven that when people understand the reasons behind something decision making and accountability can completely change. It’s this change that is often missing in the one-size fits all diet approach, which contributes to the high failure rate and weight gain that too often goes along with it.

I like to use the word “Nutrition” in place of “Diet,” after all, we need to fuel our bodies with nutritious foods to see and have the benefit of health and lifelong weight loss or maintenance. I don’t look at weight loss through the negative lens of DIET and deprivation I embrace the impact that true NUTRITION can actually have. I’m an advocate for my clients each step of the way, offering support and accountability that results in long term success.

Optimize To Thrive is currently taking on a limited number of new nutrition only clients. New clients are eligible for group bi-weekly support/Q&A calls (starting the week of January 8th) which are included with the 8 or 12 week programs in addition to two 60 minute one-on-one calls, weekly check-in calls, email support, customized nutrition plans, recipes and more. Please send an email to optimizetothrive@gmail.com with “Nutrition” in the subject line to get started!