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 Natural Pregnancy: We Provide Gentle Care From the Time You Decide to Conceive to the Time Your Bundle of Joy Arrives

Pregnancy should be on of the most exciting times in your life, don't let all the questions and uncertainties take this excitement and turn it into stress.

If you're planning a natural pregnancy and delivery let Optimize To Thrive step in and answer all your need to know questions during your journey thru natural birth, delivery and postnatal care.

Researching topics and following bloggers to get your information is an option, but this information isn't tailored to you.

They don't know your health history, concerns and area of need.

They often can't answer your exact questions and instead you only get blanket answers that likely don't fully address your needs.

This just results in more questions and more confusion. Have you ever tried to figure out the best diet to follow?

If you're like most people who start out on this journey you end up thoroughly confused because of all the conflicting information and more importantly the fact that it's not tailored to you.


Optimize To Thrive is here to partner with and coach you through all of your pre and post-natal questions. Feel at ease and confident knowing you have a personalized support system a click or call away.

Let me help you with these areas and more:

-How should I exercise during pregnancy

-Best strategies to achieve a natural birth

-Best foods to support well being, energy and recovery

-Co-sleeping success

-Breast feeding success

-Pelvic floor recovery

-Returning to exercise that's right for you

-I need to use formula, what are my healthiest options

-First foods recommendations and spacing

-Does baby need a probiotic

Care to Delivery Package Pricing

Personalized intake and assessment

1 monthly 30-45 minute call (typically 10 calls)

Unlimited email