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 Diastastis & Pelvic Floor Fix

Pregnancy and delivery can cause issues that result in core and/or pelvic floor weakness. Leaking, pain and/or heaviness in the pelvic area, tummy bulge and even a more severe prolapse can be common issues, but they are not normal.

More importantly, they should not just be accepted as part of your new mommy body.

These issues need to be fixed, if left alone and ignored these little nuisances can develop into bigger issues. Hernias, back pain, stage II, III, or IV prolapse, unnecessary meds for pain or incontinence.

Take charge and boost your confidence and well being by optimizing your Pelvic Floor health.

Schedule your consult now and let me customize your Pelvic Floor recovery plan in person with follow-ups available thru Skype.


Pelvic floor health isn’t something that should be ignored or dealt with when “you have more time”.

Weakness and issue like diastasis or prolapse can develop immediately after delivery, or several months later.

Let’s work together on preventing issues from developing and correcting ones that you may already be experiencing.

Pelvic floor health is all about breathing properly, correcting alignment and addressing any foundational posture issues.

Simple at-home exercises can be incorporated on a daily basis which will allow you to reap the benefits of a stronger pelvic floor, stronger back and enviable core.

This helps you stay injury free and feeling more confident.

Packages and Prices

Diastasis Recti Group Workshop and Individual Treatment

$75 per hour with a minimum of 5 sessions

Group and Workshop sessions available contact for pricing and availability