Digestive Health Counseling

Now is the time to overcome your digestive issues and get back to feeling great!

Trying to narrow down what causes your digestive issues can be overwhelming.

I often hear “I eat really healthy, I shouldn’t have these issues.” Or “it doesn’t matter what I eat, I’m constantly suffering from [fill in your symptom].”

How I Help You

Having a coach that’s trained to look at all factors (stress, gut health, and nutrition) contributing to your digestive issues can help you find the missing link in you achieving optimum health.

Digestive health is highly individual and that’s why I approach each client in a manner that best suits them and their needs.

After a thorough intake and assessment I determine which testing will serve you best .

See the range of testing available to support your needs.

From there we move forward working through the 4 pillars of health over Skype or phone sessions.

Comprehensive Gut Healing Package

PACKAGE INCLUDES 4 calls to cover:

  • Call 1 - Nutrition - Prepared with your digestive issues in mind, we focus on healing aspects of food. Recipes are provided along with a food log for tracking symptoms.

  • Call 2 - Sleep hygiene and Movement. We discuss how foods can impact sleep and ways to improve sleep as we work on digestion. Movement and it’s role in overall health and connection to sleep quality.

  • Call 3 - Stress reduction and toxin exposure. Getting a handle on these 2 aspects can help solidify the health results you are seeking.

  • Call 4 - Hidden Stress Factors review and recommendation- During this call we’ll discuss hidden stressors that we uncovered with testing. As well as discuss the important role short term use of supplements play in helping restore gut function and overall health and wellbeing.


    LAB FEES NOT INCLUDED (Add $600-$700)