Digestive Health Testing

One of the most common uses of FDN testing protocol is to diagnose the cause of common symptoms of digestive distress.

I’ve included below the explanations of the healing insights we gain from the Digestion-related FDN lab tests.

SIBO Testing - Over 50% of IBS patients have SIBO.

-Why haven’t you been tested?

-Were you tested and prescribed Rifaximin or an herbal protocol to address the overgrowth?

-Were you prescribed a Low FODMAP diet or SCD diet?

*SIBO stand for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

Stool Testing - GI MAP

-Identify barriers to healing and clearing SIBO

Microbiome Testing - UBIOME

-Take a deeper look at microbial diversity allowing me to focus on areas that are directly related to symptoms like bloating, constipation and more.


-Allows yet a deeper look into what could be contributing to inflammation and inability to heal

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