Infertility Consultation


inFertility can be complicated…..but it doesn't have to be

Infertility is one of the last words a couple wants to hear once they have decided they want to become parents.

Usually the diagnosis is preceded by multiple appointments and just as many tests. Not to mention the crushing emotions and questions that come along with this diagnosis.

One of the hardest decisions for a couple is deciding what to do next.

The medical options tend to require more appointments and tests, followed by the use of fertility drugs and procedures.

This can be daunting!

What are the side-effects? Are there any long-term consequences to these medical approaches? Is this right for us?

I struggled with infertility while trying for our second son.

I went to my appointments and had the exams, but the doctors couldn’t tell me why I was infertile.

So we stopped the pursuit.

This decision was right for me at the time, but I couldn't explain why.

I was previously diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which was being managed by medications, but like the infertility issue, they couldn't tell me why I had developed it.

It was not autoimmune in nature, and the best solution at the time was to go on medication (or so I thought, more info here).

After all, this is how Western medicine works: when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I'm grateful for this experience though—it made me take a step back and assess what was going on in my life. I was a seemingly healthy 33-year-old, and having medical conditions or issues that couldn't be explained just didn't make sense. 

When I took a step back and looked at the big picture, I realized I truly wasn't healthy. 

This started my journey to seek out the root cause of these issues, and it eventually led me to study Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®.

How Does FDN Help You

As a practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® I use nutrition along with lifestyle management and specialty labs to help uncover the blocking factors that prevent optimal health.

These methods are used in many different health applications, but they are phenomenally successful when used to help with conception. 

After making several lifestyle changes, I was later able to conceive naturally, and I have helped clients do the same.

I have worked with women who have PCOS (client testimonial here) as well as those who, like myself, have unexplained infertility.

One of my most recent successes involves a client who had gone through unsuccessful insemination several years ago. After working with me for four months, she is now happily expecting! Some of my clients have struggled for several years (upwards of 8-10 years) with infertility, but after implementing a few dietary changes, testing, and targeted supplementation, they have achieved the results they desired.

I want to help you on your journey to pregnancy. If you have been told by the medical community that your chances of conceiving are very slim, or if you would rather take a more natural approach, let me help you. 

Start by selecting "Work with me" below, and together we’ll work to remove those blocking factors to health and fertility!

Conception Package Pricing

$1500 Fertility Package:

-Personalized intake and assessment

-Lab results interpretation

-Labs tested: DUTCH Hormone, GI Map Stool and Organic Acid OAT testing

-8 hours of phone/video consults

-Personalized fertility building protocol, lifestyle and targeted supplement recommendations

-Unlimited email, food diary and recipes