Pregnancy Support

Are you ready to let your pregnancy be a time of great excitement?

If you’re struggling with infertility or feel overwhelmed about achieving a natural pregnancy and birth let Optimize To Thrive help you optimize fertility, pregnancy and beyond.


infertility consultation

Infertility is one of the last words you want to hear when you're ready to start a family. Let Optimize To Thrive show you how you can achieve your dreams of fertility.

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care to delivery

Personalized support coaching during the time when you need answers the most. Books and bloggers are great, but working with a support coach that knows your concerns and desires can be the best resource during this exciting time.

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diastasis & Pelvic Floor fix

Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor weakness affects 100% of moms at birth. Find out why you need to be aware of this, how to screen yourself and what tools and techniques you can use immediately to regain your core and pelvic floor.