How much support will you offer me?  Together we will customize a program that works best for you. Are you someone that needs to be held accountable to succeed, or would you rather a more relaxed approach?  It all depends on you, your goals and your needs. We will discuss this in more detail during our complimentary consultation so we can formulate the best plan for you. This is all about YOU. There are no two patients alike with respect to desires, goals, and issues, which is why we do NOT use a "cookie cutter" approach to your health. You can get that at most Physicians' Practices.

If what you do works, why hasn't my Physician adopted it in his Practice?  Physicians, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and other Health Practitioners have adopted this Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® approach.  It might just be that your Dr. or Practitioner hasn't had an interest or pursued the necessary training to offer these comprehensive services. Look at the current sate of medicine. It truly needs to be an assembly line that get sick patients in one side and out the other, with a handful of prescriptions that will probably do more harm than good. Here's an interesting statistic...

"The American medical system kills 225,000 people per year—106,000 as a direct result of pharmaceutical drugs." (1)


Some of these tests are expensive and my insurance won't cover them. Do I really need them?  I use specialty lab companies that provide the most cutting edge technology and information; unfortunately big Insurance companies are the last to adopt these methods because they would rather use the big labs like Quest and Lab Corp. These labs are great, and they offer great testing for many areas of health; but when it comes to Functional Diagnostic testing, the smaller labs are able to better focus on the niches. That being said, if you use an HSA (Health Spending/Savings Account) you will be able to use that to cover the cost of your test(s). My approach will always require some testing because if we don't test we're just guessing. If you were to attach a price tag to your health and feeling great, what would that be?

How long will I need to follow your protocols?  The protocols that I use are customized, based on your needs and what the lab results tell us. Generally we will work together anywhere from 3 months to 12 months or more if desired.


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(1) “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”, by Dr. Barbara Starfield (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000).