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Get lean, build muscle and functional strength while establishing a routine that you can easily stick with.  

Lets face it, working out isn’t always at the top of your priority list.  Especially when most fitness experts want you in the gym 60 minutes a day 5 days/week.  What’s more, for all that time you have invested you really aren't guaranteed to get in shape. 

Kettlebell training is different because of it’s efficiency and effectiveness.  By combining aerobic and anaerobic conditioning you bypass the treadmill followed by the weight room routine.  Which means you will gain functional muscle and loose ugly body fat with a minimal time commitment every week.  This allows for you to keep up with all other aspects of your busy life outside of the gym.

When talking about health and weight loss goals you can’t ignore the huge role that nutrition plays in this equation.  At Real Strength Kettlebell Club I offer real food nutritional coaching to accelerate your training goals.  Don’t worry, I won’t make you count calories, besides how many times have you done this already?  At Real Strength we focus on making changes that are efficient and effective.

If you’ve read this far, then you are beginning to grasp how effective Kettlebell training can be, and you may want to get started right away! Schedule your fitness consult below.

Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti Fix

I found the answer to Diastasis (DR) and sneeze-pee! I suffered from DR and Pelvic Floor dysfunction for 5  awful years. I thought these issues were just something that I, as a mom of 2, had to live with. I finally had enough and set out to find a solution. I studied Katy Bowmans' work thru her book Diastasis Recti and researched everything that she blogged about on the subject. I did experience some improvement after I implemented her program, but my issues weren't fixed. Then I came across a certification course led by Dr. Sarah Duvall, DPT. I jumped at the opportunity to take this course, since I'm a visual learner I knew I would gain more knowledge thru this channel. After the first module which focused on just breathing (which surprisingly has been a huge issue for everyone I have worked with so far) I stopped sneeze-peeing!! I couldn't believe it, I had been breathing wrong all these years. Even when I was in yoga class focusing on my breath, I was missing the most important aspect, 360 breathing. I was stoked after this small triumph and started talking to everyone I knew about what I was experiencing. Turns out, sneeze-pee and DR are affecting so many women out there and they don't know what to do about it!! It's my mission to help as many woman as I can to overcome these issues. Check out some amazing testimonials here, then jump down to the form below and send me your info so we can get started today!!


package #1: New to Kettlebells

  • Two 60-minute sessions of technique training.
  • FMS assessment and measurements
  • Focusing on:
    • Joint mobility
    • Proper handling of the kettlebell
    • Mastering foundational kettlebell moves

Pricing: $120

package #2: Strength, Condition & Sculpt

  • Month to month packages available
    • 1 or 2 sessions per week $20/session
    • 3 or more sessions per week $17/session

Sessions are typically in a small group setting with 1-3 other clients working on their own individualized programs. Sessions last from 35-50 minutes




Package #3: 1 on 1 Training

This will be a private session with only you and the trainer 50 minutes in length

Pricing: $50 per session


Pelvic Floor Corrective Intensive

These sessions are individualized to the client and their specific pelvic floor complaint (pain in the low back, hip or butt, diastasis recti, leaking, mommy tummy, prolapse)

  • Assessment
  • Individualized plan to address areas of concern
  • Focus on building strength and functionality to improve the pelvic floor and body as a whole
  • Weekly homework and exercise progressions

Pricing: $50 Initial assessment and first session @60 minutes

Packages focused specifically on Pelvic Floor @ $30/session @ 30 minutes

Distance learning thru Skype available, contact for details






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More Reasons To Train With Kettlebells

Kettlebells are not the newest fad workout, in fact they have been utilized over the last 300 years in Russia (hence the name Russian Kettlebells in case you weren’t aware) by Olympic lifting teams, strongmen competitors as well as elite military forces.  More recently in the US our own special forces teams like the Navy Seals have started to utilizing this awesome training system as well.

The ability to gain incredible strength and endurance with just a few sized bells is just one of the things that makes working out with kettlebells a no-brainer.  Okay, this all sounds good, but how much time do I have to dedicate to this to reap these “awesome” benefits? How does 60 minutes a week sound?  So lets break that down for you, 20 minutes 3 days a week or 15 minutes 4 days a week.  Is this starting to sound better and better?  Then let me sweeten the deal a little more for you.  Kettlebell routines work for people who are beginners, people who are already well conditioned and everyone in-between.  Just to clear this up, I’m saying that even if you don't currently have a routine you can start a kettlebell routine tomorrow and begin reaping the benefits.  Do you have a current workout routine and crave something more challenging?  Are you tired of making excuses and finally want to commit to to a program?  Do you need a new strategy to help you hit PR’s?  Wherever you are in your current training journey adding Kettlebell training can be the game changer you are looking for.

My certification through Strong First has equipped me with the expertise to work one-on-one with clients or in small group settings.  Proper joint mobility is my initial focus and then I break down the key foundational moves using detailed technique training.  After a level of efficiency is reached we move into combining foundational moves into chains and complexes increasing speed, duration and density of loading to accomplish your goals.

If I can make one last point, this isn't a one-size-fits all approach.  We come in all sizes, shapes and levels of competency, so it’s only appropriate that I as your coach acknowledge this and customize a program for you!  

Current Certifications:

StrongFirst Kettlebell Level I

PCES - Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer

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