On Adrenal Fatigue Recovery:

"I've put off this type of treatment for years despite knowing that my Doctor knew nothing about my real underlying problems. I'm glad Jessica tailored a plan to help me get control of my adrenal fatigue. I feel like I am recovering and now have the tools to sustain my path back to wellbeing."

- Matt R., Pennsylvania.


On Digestion Issues:

"Jessica has helped me to uncover the underlying issues of my digestive issues by ordering a few simple tests. After receiving the results Jessica recommended a personalized supplement program to help with my poor digestion and bloating issues. With Jessica's expertise I was able to experience relief within the first week and actually enjoy eating without being bloated after every meal."

- Wyatt D., Pennsylvania.


On Fatigue/Low Energy:

"Jessica Doncses has been such an amazing help to me in my illnesses!  After getting the testing she suggested, we were able to figure out exactly what has been going on with my body when my doctors haven't been able to.  She is very interactive and knowledgable.   I have never felt like I have been alone in this process because of her care.  Thanks to her expertise, I was feeling better within just a couple of weeks and now I am feeling unmeasurably better and it hasn't even been 4 months!"

- Kara Y., Pennsylvania.


On Digestion, Hormones, and Adrenals:

"Jessica & I are awaiting test results for various issues with digestion, hormones and adrenals. But not a moment has been wasted on this journey toward total well being. Jess suggested a meal plan that was twofold. It eliminated potential reactive foods and help me shift to Whole Foods to nourish my body. In 17 short days of eating better my digestion has greatly improved, my mood is better & I lost 7lbs - which for a smaller person is no easy feat!!! My belly bulge is almost entirely gone!!!! This lady knows what she's doing!!! The food plan is very doable and I haven't had a bad meal yet!!! Bonus - hubby is losing inches as well!"

- Kathleen O.


On Hypothyroidism:

"I have been suffering with Hypothyroidism for about 4-5 years now. While I honestly feel that my doctor is doing what he has been taught to do, I felt like I needed better answers to my questions. I couldn't accept that my thyroid just decided to stop working properly for no good reason, and I couldn't accept that the dosage for the medication that I would supposedly be on for the rest of my life kept going up...for no reason. I started reading everything I could get my hands on regarding Thyroid issues, and everything seemed to point to diet and lifestyle changes. I tried it on my own for about a year. I thought I was doing well just trying to give up gluten/grains...and then I found Jessica! She walked with and supported me through an elimination diet that I NEVER could have stuck to without her help. I have heard people say crazy stuff like they have more energy without caffeine, or that their aches and pains have disappeared after giving up certain food. I've even heard about people who have "cured" their hypothyroidism with food...and I WANTED to believe it, I really did. Jessica says we have only scratched the surface, but I am here to tell you the truth: Those people are NOT CRAZY! My mood is better. Waking up is better in the morning now. I actually remember what it is like to sleep so well I feel RESTED in the morning! I do not feel that 3:00pm slump! I forgot to take my medication three days last week and didn't even notice! The most awesome part? So far I have lost 27 pounds! When I say I did that without killing myself in the gym, I mean it! The first 10 pounds was literally just bloat from being sick, and it just disappeared. Then I lost about 2 pounds a week for the next several weeks, and I'm getting to the point where what I see in the mirror is starting to match how I feel inside! I can wear my engagement ring again....I'm telling you: There are just some things you cannot do on your own. You need someone to help you - but someone who knows what she is doing, not someone who wants to sell you an exercise video, or some magic shakes. You need Jessica, and she is right here!"

- Amy W.


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